Actionable Smart Manufacturing data delivered where and how you want it.

Don’t settle for less than 100% from your manufacturing assets. Take control of your operations and improve profitability with rich, standardized, real-time data.

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Quit missing opportunities and take the first step towards your optimal state of productivity and profitability.


Digitize your manufacturing processes by connecting your assets with data collection solutions configured for you.

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Secure your business by protecting your data without compromising smart manufacturing capabilities.

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Visualize your insights by viewing your data with the machine monitoring solution that best fits your needs.

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Rich, actionable, and secure data from any manufacturing asset, when and how you need it.

We get it. Digitalizing your operations can be daunting at the start, and it can be tough to get everybody on board. Juxtum exists to make that journey easier for you.

From data collection to insight and every step in between, Juxtum is your answer. We take the tough stuff – like data tagging – off your plate so you can focus on using your data, determining your goals, and working toward optimizing your processes. Whether it’s getting started on your lloT roadmap or striving for more advanced manufacturing processes, Juxtum is the partner you need to get the job done.

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Fast installation. Fast insights. Fast ROI. All without added downtime.

Why Connect? Access a new level of operational efficiency through improved utilization, performance, and quality.

With Juxtum Connect, manufacturers collect data from their manufacturing assets and deliver it to their choice of systems and software, creating the foundation for thier lloT journey

No matter what stage in your lloT Roadmap, Juxtum Connect provides you with all the data you need from the beginning. That way, when you are ready to take the next step, all the necessary data will be available at the touch of a button.

Connect Solutions

Data Architecture
Data Collection Software
Edge Computing
Private Wireless Networking


Assessed. Secure. Ready. Protect your business from the inside out.

Why Protect? Secure your business, competitive advantage, and intellectual property by controlling your information through cybersecurity.

With Juxtum Protect, manufacturers gain the peace of mind they need, knowing that their sensitive information, confidential data, and manufacturing operations are secure even with cyber crime at an all-time high.

Juxtum Protect mitigates your cyber risks and vulnerabilities through data encryption and cyber advisory throughout your digitization journey. We know the importance of security within IT and OT, and we protect you across both.

Protect Solutions

Encrypted Architecture
Secure Hardware and Software
Cybersecurity Consulting


Real-Time. Actionable. At Your Fingertips. Visual Insights That Hit The Bottom Line.

Why View? Visualize opportunities for cost savings and growth by monitoring your manufacturing assets and processes.

With Juxtum View, manufacturers gain tangible insights into their processes and operations, enabling them to make data-driven business decisions and increase profit.

Juxtum View is the answer to your unique machine monitoring needs at any step in your lloT journey. We strive to provide the visualization and integration solutions that work to maximize the profitability of your manufacturing processes.

View Solutions

Machine and Process Monitoring
Data Utility Management
Alerts and Trends
Custom Analytic KPIs


Your Digital Manufacturing Roadmap. Driving your success today and into the future.

Juxtum can pick up where you’ve left off. Whether you are just starting on lloT journey or already well on your way, Juxtum guides manufacturers in determining what their digital manufacturing journey will look like to meet their needs today and be set up for success down the road as well.

The first step in digitalizing your shop floor is determining where you are now, where you want to be in the future, and what the roadmap should look like in between. Juxtum guides manufacturers in determining what their digital manufacturing journey will look like to meet their needs today and be set up for success down the road as well. With Juxtum’s set of solutions, we make it easy for manufacturers to connect their assets, protect their data, and visualize the operations on their shop floor all with one team of experienced, driven, and passionate engineers.

Connect Your Choice of Assets

Capture data from your choice of manufacturing assets.

CNC Machines

Additive Machines

PLC Equipment

Legacy Equipment


And More

Get started with scalable, reliable, and sustainable solutions that meet your needs now and into the future.

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