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Secure OT Network With Encrypted Data Collection

Juxtum Protect is an optional encrypted data and cyber compliance solution that can be added to your connections. Our secure software and hardware provides advanced cybersecurity protection for Industrial OT networks and data collection, so you can get the data you need without compromise.

Protect OT data

Prevent unauthorized access to data flow between the machines and the equipment in the network.

Encrypt Machine Connectivity

Provide additional layer of data security using a TLS enabled agent and our Juxtum EdgeBox with a Layer 3 Managed Switch enabled.

Meet Compliance Standards

Strengthen cybersecurity posture to maintain and win government contracts by meeting compliance standards.

Juxtum EdgeBox

The Juxtum EdgeBox is a scalable solution that connects your factory floor assets to your network and allows for quicker data flow to your management systems through the MTConnect© standard (ANSI/MTC1.4-2018) to improve operational efficiency.  The Juxtum EdgeBox enables manufacturers to pull and compute data closer to the output source with an IPC (industrial PC) for edge computing and optional sensor monitoring device.

EdgeBox Security

In addition to decreasing latency, the Juxtum EdgeBox includes a Layer3 Managed Switch for advanced cybersecurity protection. This allows you to confidently and securely digitally integrate your manufacturing operations.

Additional solutions and services

Secure your business by protecting your data without compromising smart manufacturing capabilities.


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