About Us

Who We Are

Juxtum is a Cincinnati-based manufacturing software, hardware, and IIoT solutions service provider founded in 2021. We are passionate about manufacturing and helping companies adopt the right digital technologies to operate smarter through connected and protected data analytics.

Why We’re Different

Succeeding in staying up to date with data acquisition technology is not easy.  Connectivity is becoming increasingly complex. Juxtum’s patented technology offers highly configurable IIoT solutions that allow manufacturers to digitize and network all their manufacturing assets with minimal risk.  We make it possible to pull standardized, actionable machine data faster and safer, so manufacturers can form more confident business decisions in real-time.


We combine our technology solutions that are purpose-built for manufactures, with deep IIoT expertise. Our team has over 60 years of combined software and manufacturing experience. As a result, our proprietary software, combined with our intimate understanding of manufacturing operations will enable you to collect and harness data from a greater array of machining assets quickly and efficiently.


Rob Longfellow

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Hildebrandt

Product Development Manager

Scott Campbell

Solutions Delivery Manager

Intellectual Properties

Juxtum holds the following U.S. patents related to the automatic deployment of manufacturing adapters.

January 21, 2020; Patent No. 10539953

May 19, 2020; Patent No. 10656977

February 8, 2022; Patent No. 11243821


Juxtum works with a variety of partners to provide services across our platform. The nature of these relationships vary based on solutions implemented. We are proud of our partner relationships.

Ready to Connect?

Our customized IIoT solutions provide the full scope of insights you need to make more competitive decisions.