Juxtum Announces Siemens SINUMERIK Partnership


Juxtum Offers Configurable MTConnect® Protocol Compliance to Extend the SINUMERIK 840D Standard Offering

Factory performance data now even easier to gather

Cincinnati, Ohio (October 2021) – Siemens has appointed Juxtum, Inc. (Cincinnati) as a Product Partner to offer solutions to customers with SINUMERIK CNCs who are interested in or have already implemented MTConnect in their facilities.

Through this relationship, Siemens proactively responds to the growing demand in the market for MTConnect solutions among the end-user and machine builder sectors.

Juxtum’s CTO, Rob Longfellow, serves on the MTConnect Standards Committee. Juxtum is a significant supplier of MTConnect adapters, translation products, supporting hardware, and services. These offerings enable manufacturers of all types to gather and analyze manufacturing asset status and performance data more efficiently using the open-source standard of MTConnect.

In a typical machine tool end-user scenario, Juxtum applies its Juxtum Connect adapter software to an existing machine’s CNC, such as the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D, which enables data transfer through an MTConnect Agent. For older controls and legacy devices that do not have native communication output, Juxtum can also supply additional hardware and communication software to facilitate this process. The data can be stored locally or in the cloud for further access and evaluation.

Juxtum also offers adapter software to machine tool builders for integration into their controls to suit particular applications or customer-mandated specifications for MTConnect compliance. In addition, Juxtum offers MTConnect adapters for all ages and configurations of SINUMERIK CNC, including Solutionline, Powerline, and older, allowing more users to take advantage of this offering.

About Juxtum

Juxtum provides software, hardware, and service solutions that help manufacturers optimize their existing equipment and processes to gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve quality. Juxtum solutions are designed by mechanical and software engineers with an intimate understanding of the physics of machining and the operations on a shop floor, resulting in scalable applications that deliver actionable, smart manufacturing data and analytics when and how companies want it. For more information, visit Juxtum.com.