Juxtum Data Utility Manager for Manufacturers


New web interface reduces labor in managing data 

Cincinnati, Ohio (April 2022) – Juxtum, a Cincinnati-based software and service provider that helps manufacturers optimize their industrial assets and processes, has introduced a new central-view control and configuration system for its Juxtum Connect solution. Juxtum Connect is a complete platform for collecting data from any manufacturing asset – no matter age, brand, or function.

Juxtum Connect now features an easy-to-use web interface that provides a complete overview of all the connected machines and adapters in a customer’s factory. With this system, customers can see every adapter running in their connected facility and know its type.

“Customers can now see all of the connected adapters in their facilities on one central user interface,” said Rob Longfellow, CTO at Juxtum. “In addition to being much easier to use, this data utility manager provides an additional layer of security when coupled with a protective firewall.”

Through this new system, customers can drill down into the configuration of any adapter in their facility. They can see the categories of data that the adapter is reporting on, such as axis position, line number, block, drive temperatures, overrides, or feed rates, to name a few, and make changes quickly. No longer needing to comb through hundreds of lines of XML data and then manually making code edits, the Data Utility Manager increases efficiencies and helps to reduce human error.

Customers can also change how they egress data out from the adapter to external locations. For example, data standard and protocol options include MTConnect©, OPC UA, MQTT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Snap7, SHH, and Telnet.

“This new feature makes it much easier for customers to manage data from multiple sources remotely through a single interface instead of what typically becomes a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. We focus on sustainable and scalable IIoT solutions that grow and adjust with our customers’ evolving needs.” said Longfellow.

About Juxtum

Juxtum provides software, hardware, and service solutions that help manufacturers optimize their existing equipment and processes to gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve quality. Juxtum solutions are designed by mechanical and software engineers with an intimate understanding of the physics of machining and the operations on a shop floor, resulting in scalable applications that deliver actionable, smart manufacturing data and analytics when and how companies want it. For more information, visit Juxtum.com.