New Industrial IoT Software Company Launches in Cincinnati, OH


Longtime Manufacturing Engineers Launch Smart Manufacturing Software and Service Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio (October 2021) – A patented invention for the automatic deployment of manufacturing software drivers, commonly known as adapters, is the catalyst for a new business launched in Cincinnati, Ohio, called Juxtum.

The IIoT solutions company is developing and installing highly customizable technology that allow manufacturers to digitalize and network their industrial assets, and analyze and understand the manufacturing data they collect. Juxtum’s CTO is Rob Longfellow, a longtime manufacturing engineer and former multi-national machine tool president.

“Actionable data allows manufacturers to realize efficiencies, lower costs, and improve quality to become smart factories of the future,” stated Longfellow. “Whether a company is just starting on their digital roadmap or striving for more advanced manufacturing processes, we can help them get the job done.”

Longfellow is the co-inventor of Juxtum’s patented technology. The technology allows Juxtum’s software adapters to obtain a deeper level of data from industrial assets in minutes. The adapter automatically generates an XML schema for each machine’s unique geometry and physics. This makes previously inaccessible machine data obtainable, and the fast, non-invasive installation minimizes disruptions on the factory floor.

Juxtum will offer three primary solutions – Juxtum Connect, Juxtum Protect, and Juxtum View.

  • Juxtum Connect is a complete platform that collects data from any manufacturing asset – no matter age, brand, or function – and delivers it to the customer’s choice of systems in the data format the customer prefers.
  • Juxtum Protect is a comprehensive feature set of data encryption solutions along with hardware security options that compliment Juxtum Connect to help manufacturers mitigate cyber risks and vulnerabilities throughout their smart manufacturing journey.
  • Juxtum View is a visualization platform that analyzes machine data to provide manufacturers with tangible insights into their processes and operations, enabling them to make better data-driven business decisions and increase profits.

“We have already connected thousands of assets across multiple industries – including installations within major aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, and energy manufacturers. We are proud to see these customers already realize the immediate benefits from improved machine utilization. When our customers can increase machine efficiency instead of raising capital expenditures, that’s money in their pockets. And that’s just the beginning of what standardized, accurate, real-time data can do for them,” said Longfellow.

About Juxtum

Juxtum provides software, hardware, and service solutions that help manufacturers optimize their existing equipment and processes to gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve quality. Juxtum solutions are designed by mechanical and software engineers with an intimate understanding of the physics of machining and the operations on a shop floor, resulting in scalable applications that deliver actionable, smart manufacturing data and analytics when and how companies want it. For more information, visit