Space-Exploring Company Discovers New Data Frontiers

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Juxtum and Client Learn to Make More Reliable Machines Together

CHALLENGE: Connecting Machines at the Speed-of-Light

The new frontier of Industry 4.0 is one small step for an aerospace manufacturing juggernaut on its journey to the stars. To connect the hundreds of devices on its high-tech factory floor, the customer wanted to work with an experienced partner who could quickly get them up and running.

The customer was familiar with Juxtum as a fellow MTConnect Standards Committee member. It knew Juxtum Connect offered the breadth of solutions it needed – adapters for nearly every type of industrial equipment on the market, designed for various versions and operating systems.

As the customer began talking to Juxtum, it learned how Juxtum’s patented technology also could provide the fast deployment it needed. Juxtum Connect automatically generates an XML schema for nearly any machine, allowing for data collection to occur in just minutes and for the adapters to pull previously inaccessible data off the customer’s manufacturing assets.

But this partnership really launched into orbit once the customer realized the benefits it could reap from Juxtum Connect’s powerful data utility manager.

SOLUTION: Juxtum Provides Command and Control for Customer

A differentiating feature of Juxtum Connect is its easy-to-use web interface that the client can use for the ongoing control and configuration of all its adapters. Juxtum’s data utility manager provides a central view of all the connected assets and adapters in the customer’s factory. From this vantage point, the customer can see every adapter running and what type of adapter it is.

The customer can drill down into the configuration of each of its adapters and quickly make changes, rather than having to comb through hundreds of lines of XML data and then manually make code edits.

The customer can even change how it sends its data from the adapter to an external location and manage its license renewals through this one tool.

RESULT: Mission Accomplished in Three Facilities

Juxtum Connect is now deployed at a number of this customer’s major locations in the United States – including facilities in Alabama, Washington, and Florida. And Juxtum continues to work with this customer to bring more assets online every day.

Juxtum is proud to know its technology is helping propel this customer to new heights with the data it needs for its mission to reach the stars.

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